Steam Engine Accessories

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Showing 1 - 24 of 38 products
WILESCO Z83 Steam Engine Oil - 15ml Capacity
WILESCO Dome Steam Whistle, Thread M5, with Plastic Handle
WILESCO 00825 Z825 Flex, Belts 500mmDiam 2.5mm, 5pcs
WILESCO 01434 Bees Wax Candles for Stirling and D2 Engines
WILESCO Z80 Flexible Belts 2mm x 260mm (Pack of 5)
WILESCO WSP1627 14mm Polished Grooved Pulley
WILESCO M78 Ferris Wheel
WILESCO M78 Ferris Wheel
Sale price$209.99 AUD
WILESCO 01454 Rubber Tyre Set for Rollers, Rear Wheels, No
WILESCO 01637 Twin Groover Pulley 25mm Polished Brass
WILESCO 01587 Burner Slide Guide (D8.10.365. 368 405.455.52)
WILESCO 01850 Funnel, Long 25mm Pipe
WILESCO 01520 Sealing Rings Sorted M3 -M6
WILESCO Steam Regulator, Brass, with Plastic Handle
WILESCO 01611 Crank Pulley D5, D6, D8, D12
WILESCO 01578 Burner Slide, Brass with Black Handle
WILESCO M97 HousePainter
WILESCO M97 HousePainter
Sale price$89.99 AUD
WILESCO E50 Experimental Kit without Steam Engine
WILESCO M56 Model Plate
WILESCO M56 Model Plate
Sale price$199.99 AUD
WILESCO M48 Nostalgic Roundabout with Horses
WILESCO Oiler Filler Cap, Complete with Screw
WILESCO 00827 Z827 Flex Belts 500mm Diam 2.5mm, (5 Pack)

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